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Gardening The Vines and Ellenbrook
Pests and Diseases

Below are some common pests and diseases, with suggested treatment. The Garden Goddess is able to apply treatments during routine maintenance visits, and the information below is provided should treatment be needed in between.

Gardening The Vines and EllenbrookAphids are very common on indoor and outdoor plants in temperate climates. Easily treated with Confidor. Do not use in temperatures above 32C

Gardening The Vines and Ellenbrook

Caterpillars/Loopers Yates Derris Dust

Gardening The Vines and EllenbrookCitrus Leaf Miner Citrus leafminer is the larvae of a tiny silvery white moth, around 4mm long, which lays its eggs on new growth of citrus. After hatching from the eggs, the leafminer larvae tunnel into the leaf leaving silvery trails. This snail like tunnelling is often referred to as “leaf curl” because of the distortion that occurs to the leaf. Treat with Pest Oil or Eco-Oil and avoid feeding trees during active pest season

Gardening The Vines and Ellenbrook
MealyBugs Mealybugs are cottony-looking insects with piercing/sucking mouth parts. They suck the fluids from leaves and stems, robbing plants of essential nutrients. Mealybugs feed on all parts of the plant, but especially on tender new growth. Leaves wither and yellow and, on crop plants, fruit may drop prematurely. Treat with Confidor in temperatures under 32c.

Gardening The Vines and EllenbrookGardening The Vines and EllenbrookGardening The Vines and EllenbrookRoses - Black spot, Powdery Mildew and Rust All fungal diseases that commonly affect roses. Easily treated with Rose Shield, Triforine or Rose Gun. A spray of Lime Sulphur immediately after rose pruning will help to destroy fungal spores and rose scale. White flakes of rose scale are found adhering firmly to the trunks and branches of rose plants and become very obvious in winter.

Gardening The Vines and EllenbrookScale - a waxy insect that functions as a parasite for many different kinds of plants. Treat with Pest Oil or Eco-Oil

Gardening The Vines and EllenbrookGardening The Vines and EllenbrookThrips attack the flowers, fruit and foliage of a variety of plants. Roses, fruit trees, azaleas, gladioli and a variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, onions and beans all suffer from thrip attacks. Confidor is used to treat thrips.

Gardening The Vines and EllenbrookPsyllids - tiny sap sucking insects which attack mostly native plants such as lillypilly. Treat with Confidor

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